run silverlight ipad 2

Does the iPad support/play Microsoft Silverlight? | iPad FAQ - Page 2.
I would like to see a Silverlight tablet with a super fluid UI. Here's the best thing of all. A tablet like iPad but running Windows X behind which we.
Jun 19, 2010. I would use Flash from time to time if it was on the iPad, but I really think I. With ABYTY Browser you can run any Flash and Silverlight apps for.
Sep 11, 2011. Hello. Is there any way to run Silverlight-supported videos on my iPad? What about Flash? iPad 2, iOS 4.3.3. I have this question too (1).
We have a Silverlight application developed 2 years ago for a. to using iPads and now find that the application does not run on the iPad.
Apple simply does not want Plugin-based RIA applications (Flash, Silverlight) to run on iPhone, for they compete directly with App Store. Even if.
Hello, Is there any version of silverlight which is supported by iPad 2, or is there any way to run silverlight supported videos on iPad?

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Does the iPad support/play Microsoft Silverlight? | iPad FAQ.

Mar 14, 2012. It does not matter that Apple allows Adobe Flash to run on your IOS device under . But the thread title is "can you install Silverlight on iPad2".

run silverlight ipad 2

run silverlight ipad 2

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